Union Delegates Conference Endorses Tentative National Agreement

Over the weekend, the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions held a national Union Delegates Conference in Los Angeles with more than 421 delegates representing 29 union locals in attendance.  During this meeting, the delegation reviewed and endorsed the tentative agreement for a new, three-year National Agreement.

The Union Delegates Conference was the first step towards the Coalition of KP Unions’ ratification of the new national agreement. If ratified, the agreement will go into effect on October 1, 2012.

Through this year’s national bargaining process all parties reaffirmed their commitment to working in partnership. The tentative agreement not only covers wages and benefits but also performance goals related to service, care quality, and affordability. Additionally, it establishes the conditions for creating the healthiest workforce in the industry.

The tentative agreement now moves to the local unions for voting. There is no local bargaining associated with this contract. For more information about the bargaining process and the content of the tentative national agreement, see www.bargaining2012.org.

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